We're based in the leafy Eastern suburbs of Melbourne! However, we ship Australia-wide and internationally.


Post-Consumer Plastic: Due to the sheer volume of plastic we have (gratefully!) already received, we are currently unable to accept post-consumer plastic from the general public. Rather than spending all of our resources collecting and cleaning, for now we're channeling our energy and time into our special skills - processing and recycling all of that plastic waste.

If you're looking for somewhere to donate plastic bottle caps, we recommend searching for your local Lids4Kids branch on Facebook for drop-off locations.

Pre-Consumer Plastic: We can accept bulk amounts of some pre-consumer waste, in particular, food safe plastics. Please contact us here for more details. 


Our purpose is to divert as many traditionally 'non-recyclable' products from ending up in Aussie landfills as possible. We work with a range of organisations (schools, businesses, individuals etc) to produce useful products that close the loop. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to see our latest projects.


We'd love to chat about your project! Please contact us here to get the ball rolling.


We sure can! We have a range of recycling machines available for sale here. We also offer consultations, which can be booked online here.  


Thank you for wanting to be part of the change! We're currently unable to accept on-site volunteers, however you can apply via our Volunteer Page, and our team will be in contact once we've worked out the finer details! Alternatively, you can head to our crowdfunding campaign to help support our initiative!


Our workshop is not open to the public, however you can sign up to our newsletter to keep in the loop about upcoming events. If you're after a consultation with our team, meetings can be booked here.


Thank you for asking! Here are a few ways you can support our initiatives:
• Become a support via our recurring crowdfunding campaign (similar to Patreon).
• Purchase a copy of our downloadable My Planet Workbook - a fun, educational resource for kids.
• Purchase a recycled plastic product.
• Tell your friends / family / networks about us, and share share SHARE on social media!