Unique, interactive incursions, excursions and programs

We'll inspire and empower environmentally-aware minds whilst investigating creative solutions to reducing waste and exploring the concept of the Circular Economy!

Our programs enhance STEM learning in schools through an experiential, hands-on and practical approach. We'll demonstrate plastics recycling principles and practice using our innovative small-scale reprocessing equipment, designed specifically for application within education.

Linking directly with current recycling practices and community / NGO led waste reduction programs, your students will experience and participate in the transformation of waste plastics materials into new, functional products.  

We'll provide insights into a critical area of knowledge for the future - Plastics, Recycling and Circular Economy, covering a variety of topics such as:
• The environmental impact of plastic
• The different types of plastic
• Recyclability of common plastics
• Potential applications for plastic 'waste'
• Circular Economy principles & practices
• UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Education FAQs

Incursion Tuition Outline

We create customised workshops that spark curiosity and empower students to explore sustainability through hands-on activities. Our workshops are:

• Tailored to your program's goals: From a basic 1-hour session to term-long explorations, we design content to fit your needs.
• Flexible for any age and subject: Engaging students from Primary to Secondary, we customise workshops to suit diverse age groups and learning styles, while aligning with relevant curriculum goals across various subjects, such as STEM and Design.
• Scheduling convenience: We design workshops to integrate seamlessly into your timetable, ensuring a smooth experience for teachers and students.

Incursion Inclusions

Standard incursion inclusions:
• One facilitator
• Materials
'DIY: Setting up your Precious Plastic Workspace' Booklet

Additional incursion inclusions:
• Machinery hire fee
• Additional materials if needed or requested
• Travel quoted per program if applicable

Excursion inclusions (PPM Factory Tour):
• One facilitator
• Materials
'DIY: Setting up your Precious Plastic Workspace' Booklet


School Incursions:
• From $450+GST for a 1 hour session at your institution
• Equipment fee $170+GST
• Travel fee if applicable (Note: For optimal hands-on experience, we recommend a maximum of 20 participants for our 60-minute workshops. Larger groups are welcome, but may require extended time or additional staffing/equipment - additional cost may apply.)

School Excursions (Space Of Waste):
• Details coming soon!

Excursions (Factory Tour):
• From $905+GST for a 1 hour tour of our recycling workshop (up to 20 participants)


All of our facilitators have current Working With Children Checks as a condition of employment. Staff are required to present their Working With Children Checks at your request.

Teacher PD

Professional Development for teachers - PD Recognition & Learning certificates available.

Teacher Resources

Teacher Resources can be provided with your Incursion or Excursion booking - speak to our friendly team to discuss available options.

Additionally, all of our equipment has undergone rigorous safety checks and has accompanying risk assessments available. You can discuss risk assessments directly with your facilitator upon booking - they will be happy to answer any questions regarding safety procedures and provide relevant documentation.

Recycling Tools & Equipment

For institutions looking to take their recycling journey to the next level, we offer a range of small-scale recycling machinery, including our Education Machinery & Tool Bundle. Designed specifically for the Australian market, our Zephyr machine range is Australian made certified, and produced right here in Melbourne in compliance with Australia's robust safety standards. A variety of post-purchase support options are available, including our comprehensive Product Support Academy, one-on-one Machine Training Sessions, and a variety of handy free downloadable resources.

  • Sustainability education | Precious Plastic Melbourne, Victoria Australia


    An introduction to the concept of the Circular Economy, and ways we can reduce our footprint and drive local and global change.

  • Plastic Recycling & Circular Economy education | Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


    How it’s made, the different types, why we use it, and how (and why!) we should think of 'waste' as a valuable resource.

  • Recycling & STEM education and workshops | Precious Plastic Melbourne


    Which plastics we can recycle, how we recycle it, it's potential applications and community-scale recycling solutions.

Precious Plastic education workshops for kids & students | Melbourne, Australia
  • 1. Profound experiential programs that combine STEM and Circular Economy Principles.

  • 2. An insight into plastics and plastics recycling technology, delivered by industry experts.  

  • 3. Engagement and empowerment of young people to actively participate in the environmental challenges of our time. 

  • 4. To provide schools with an integrated STEM learning program, directly linked to the cross curriculum area of sustainability.

  • 5. To provide schools with access to expertise in understanding the rapidly emerging Circular Economy.

Some of the educational institutions we've worked with

Our Facilitators

Education Facilitator

Bill Verhagen

Bill is a qualified Plastics Engineer and Business Graduate. He has 35+ years experience in plastics and packaging.

Bill was a Technical Specialist for one of Australia's first post-consumer plastics recycling projects, aimed at demonstrating that packaging could be recycled into new applications. He has worked on a number of developments, focused on improving packaging sustainability through Circular Economy principles.

Passionate about inspiring the next generation, Bill began educating in 2020. He is also the current Vice President of the Society Of Plastics Engineers (SPE) ANZ and a member of the Australian Institute Of Packaging (AIP).

PPM Co-Founder

Piers Mossuto

Piers is one of the innovators behind the development of the 'Zephyr Bros' machinery range by Precious Plastic Melbourne- a series of small-scale plastics processing equipment designed for use in education, small business and community settings.

Earlier in his career, Piers has also spent time working as a Training Manager in adult education.

Now an expert in the area of community-focused ‘micro’ recycling, Piers also has an extensive background in business, co-founding his first sustainability-focused SME in 2014.

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