FAQs: Recycling Machinery & Equipment

Do you sell recycling machinery?

Yes, we do! We have an expanding range of small-scale recycling machinery available for purchase here.

Our focus here is very much about empowering the community to recycle plastic themselves - through facilitating the set-up of micro-recycling workspaces, we’re enabling our clients to manufacture their own products, right here in Australia.

Our machinery customer base spans across the education sector (schools / universities), through to small businesses, community groups etc.

Where are your machines made?

Our entire Zephyr Bros. machinery range is Australian made certified, designed and produced right here in Melbourne.

I'm interested in setting up my own recycling workspace, can you assist?

We sure can! We have a range of recycling machines available for sale here. We also offer consultations, which can be booked online here.  

Are your machines safe to use?

All of our machines are produced in compliance with Australia's robust safety standards.

However it's important to note - Whilst we have updated our machines with additional safety features, not unlike most pieces of industrial equipment, these machines are dangerous, and proper safety measures must be implemented.

How much energy do the machines consume?

Individual specs are available on each machinery product page. If you're looking for a machine with a particularly low energy consumption, we recommend our Benchtop Extruder, which uses a similar amount of energy as a toaster!

How much do your recycling machines cost?

To assist with funding, grant applications etc. all of our machine descriptions, specs and pricing are readily available here.

Please note: Orders ship from Melbourne, Australia - we'll provide a shipping quote upon request.

Do you ship your machines internationally?

Yes, we do! For a shipping quote, please get in touch with details regarding which machine you would like, and your shipping address so that we can provide a shipping quote.

Can you provide product moulds / tools as well?

We can design and machine moulds for injection, extrusion or compression moulding.

We also have a variety of tools available to help get you started. You won't find moulds for trinkets here - instead you'll find functional products that your customers, students or communities will find value in.

Head here for more details on custom tools and prototyping.

How much can I expect to pay for shipping on machinery?

Shipping is dependant on your location, and the size of the machine. Shipping quotes can be provided upon request.

Can I purchase the files for your product moulds?

We're more than happy to discuss available options in regards to the purchase of digital product mould files - please touch base with our team to discuss further.

Additionally, select digital mould files are available for purchase here.