About us

Hi, we're Piers and Kayla Mossuto, the founders of Precious Plastic Melbourne! We've been helping our fellow Aussies reduce their environmental impact since 2014 via our social enterprise Crema Joe - the first reusable coffee pod brand in Australia.

Photo credit: Scott McNaughton, SMH 
In 2018, we were looking for a responsible manufacturing solution when we were introduced to the Precious Plastic concept, and within a few short months, Precious Plastic Melbourne was born! In addition to creating disruptive design to positively impact the planet, our core focus areas include:
• Helping local organisations produce functional products from recycled plastic (rather than virgin)
• Recycling traditionally 'hard to recycle' plastics
• Utilising 100% recycled materials (no added virgin materials or binding agents), and
• Providing accessible, local manufacturing options - here's to Aussie made!
Within the first 6 months of announcing our initiative, we collected over 300,000 plastic bottle caps from our local community! Nowadays, we're a one-stop-shop for closed loop systems and design in Australia. We work with like-minded individuals and organisations, assisting community recyclers to set up their own plastic recycling workspaces. 

Based in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Precious Plastic Melbourne is Australia's go-to for all things circular, including machines, moulds and innovation.
By working with us, you're supporting our mission to create a circular, waste-free future, turn trash into useful products, and grow the Precious Plastic community in Australia.



About Precious Plastic 

For the past six years, Precious Plastic has been working on a bottom-up approach to bring recycling technologies and knowledge to the hands of everyone, all open-source and for free.
Developing and sharing the machines and techniques to empower people around the world to start recycling plastic is at the core of the Precious Plastic mission, creating a new financial value from a ubiquitous free resource - plastic waste.
Head to www.preciousplastic.com to learn more.