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At Precious Plastic Melbourne we’re driven to uncover new ways of working with waste, recovering an otherwise undervalued material.

Our innovative approach, powered by our Zephyr Bros. equipment, unlocks the hidden potential within your plastic waste stream. We meticulously assess its suitability for repurposing, analysing its unique characteristics and potential for transformation into new products.

Whether you have your own recovered materials or wish to utilise our post-consumer recycled plastics, we offer a comprehensive solution. We can collaborate with you through every stage, from concept and design to mould development, tooling, and manufacturing.

Material testing

Uncover the hidden potential of your plastic waste and become a leader in innovative waste-to-resource solutions through our advanced material testing. Our R&D process assesses its suitability for various recycling and manufacturing processes. Gain valuable insights into its potential for transformation into innovative, circular products. This vital information empowers informed decision-making regarding your waste stream's potential for repurposing, unlocking groundbreaking possibilities for sustainable product design.

Creating your product

Collaborate with us to close the loop. Our dedicated team of experts will guide you every step of the way, from concept, to design, to production. Our Melbourne workshop is equipped to manufacture using 100% locally sourced, reclaimed plastic, or we can partner with you to develop an end-of-life solution for your waste stream, fostering a circular economy.

  • Product Design

    Concept to reality: Work with our industrial designers to translate your vision into a 100% recycled, eco-conscious product. We'll explore innovative solutions, ensuring the final product aligns with your sustainability goals.

  • Mould Design & Tooling

    Precision engineering: We leverage cutting-edge technology to design and manufacture moulds compatible with injection, extrusion, or compression moulding, specifically optimised for your Zephyr Bros. equipment.

  • Manufacturing

    Sustainable solutions: Leverage our expertise and high-quality moulds to prototype and manufacture your product using reclaimed plastic. We offer in-house production or empower you to manufacture your vision independently.

  • KeepCup

    Advocating for circularity within existing supply chain to reimagine waste stream potential.

    Case study 
  • Country Road

    Redefining the value of waste through the creation of a high-end homewares range.

    Case study 
  • The Dirt Company

    Creating a functional, sustainable solution for an existing end-of-life waste stream.

    Case study 
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