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Machine - Pro-Series Injector

Machine - Pro-Series Injector

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Made in Australia | Used worldwide

Embark on a journey of boundless creativity with our Pro-Series Injection Machine. Witness the magic as shredded plastic enters the hopper, undergoes a transformative heating process through a precision-engineered barrel, and emerges into your product mould as a bespoke masterpiece. Experience reliable and precise production output, unlocking the potential for extraordinary upcycled creations.

Dive into the world of artistic expression thanks to plunger-driven colour mixing within the machine barrel, where vibrant hues gracefully intertwine, turning every product you create into a unique and mesmerising piece featuring the colour swirls Precious Plastic products are so famous for!

• Spring-loaded, height-adjustable barrel for seamless adjustments and precision crafting
• Rack and pinion mechanism ensures optimised pressure for powerful leverage and professional results
• Gears seamlessly convert rotation into linear motion for efficient operation
• Boltable design guarantees a stable foundation for reliable injection moulding
• Easy-to-mount, relocatable electrical box provides flexible setup
• Premium quality stainless steel hopper designed to withstand the test of time

What you get:
• 1 x Pro-Series Injector Machine
• 1 x Stainless Steel Hopper

Built to order. 


Machine Type: Manual
Power Supply: Single Phase
Product Capability: Medium (e.g. Phone Case)
Weight (KG): 52
Dimensions (MM): 800L x 300W x 1280H
Heating Power (W): 1220
Voltage (V): 240 AC
Amperage (A): 6
Cable: IEC Mount (Supplied To Suit Country Of Use)
Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM): Yes


Up to 115g shot weight, with the ability to produce medium sized products such as mobile phone cases.

Safety first!

The product includes all appropriate power switches and warning labels.

Please note: This machine is fitted with safety features, however it's important to understand that these machines are dangerous, and proper safety measures must be implemented.

Why buy from us?

Australian made: We build high quality machines fit for purpose and compliant with Australian Safety Standards.

Knowledge and support: Our machines are built by people who use them! And, if you do happen to need additional assistance, we offer post-purchase support - a pretty important factor when you're investing in equipment.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Magnus Murray-Douglass
Fantastic way to start community recycling

Our business has had this machine for three months and in this short time we've been able to garner community support for the program and deliver recycled plastic products to our customers. We've seen huge growth in our recycling program due to this machine.

It has also been a fantastic tool for education purposes due to it's simple nature - very easy for kids to visualise the recycling process at schools/events!

Bailey Stevenson

What an amazing machine! When we first got our Injector our main priority was to make sure the Machine was safe, especially considering the people using it were going to be young men and women with disabilities - But the Pro Series Injector is such an incredible machine that is so safe and efficient - it is by far the most popular machine we have in the factory! Could not recommend enough! 11/10

Luke Phillips

As a small business looking to scale, the idea of manufacturing your own parts from recycled plastic is exciting. However, even through the material is free, the time to prepare and change over moulds can make it a costly exercise. Until now! What we love so much about this machine is the genius clamping & injection system. Ultimately this minimises mould changeover time and brings the cost to produce to a scaleable amount. Very stoked and even more excited to see what other businesses can do with this technology.