FAQs: Education

Do you offer school incursions?

Yes we do! Head to our Education Program page to find out more.

How much does an incursion cost?

Head to our Education Program page for up to date details on incursion pricing.

What grades or year levels are suited to your incursions?

Engaging students from Primary to Secondary, we customise workshops to suit diverse age groups and learning styles, while aligning with relevant learning areas across various subjects, such as STEM and Design.

Will you travel to my school?

Absolutely, we love bringing our workshops to new schools!

We're based in Melbourne, offering incursions across Melbourne and its outer suburbs, with a travel fee applied based on distance from our head office.

Reaching schools outside our immediate area is important to us, and thus, we also travel further distances across Victoria - or even Australia! We'll provide a travel fee upon request.

What's included in the incursions?

A standard Precious Plastic Melbourne incursion will be run by one of our facilitators, covering the following topics and running an interactive plastic recycling demonstration using our Zephyr Bros. equipment:

• The environmental impact of plastic
• The different types of plastic
• Potential applications for plastic 'waste'
• Recyclability of common plastics
• Circular Economy principles & practices
• UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Inclusions can be customised based on class or area of learning requirements, with additional fees applied where applicable.

What topics does an incursion cover?

While incursions can be customised to cover specific topics of interest, the general topics covered include:
• The environmental impact of plastic
• The different types of plastic
• Potential applications for plastic 'waste'
• Recyclability of common plastics
• Circular Economy principles & practices
• UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Head to our Education Program page to find out more.

Is there a class size limit?

To ensure everyone has a hands-on experience and creates their own unique take-home project, we recommend a maximum of 20 participants for our 60-minute workshops.

Looking for a larger group experience? We can certainly accommodate bigger groups! However, to ensure everyone has a fulfilling experience, we may need to:
• Extend the workshop duration.
• Increase the number of facilitators.
• Adjust the project format slightly.

Does the incursion content link to curriculum?

While we haven't yet established formal curriculum links for all of our incursion content, we're committed to aligning with relevant learning areas. Our STEM-focused workshops cover a variety of topics like sustainability and design thinking, which naturally connect to various curriculum areas across different year levels.

We're actively working on developing comprehensive curriculum links for our incursions, and these will be available on our website soon. In the meantime, if you have any specific curriculum questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Is the plastic recycling demonstration safe to do in my classroom?

Within a classroom environment we use our Benchtop Extruder and our Benchtop Shredder, with HDPE or LDPE plastic only.

All of our Zephyr Bros. machines are produced in compliance with Australia's robust safety standards, and are used by our highly trained facilitators supervising student use. This specific range of machines do have a number of safety considerations associated, however when used properly are quite safe for use in the classroom.

With regards to safety of plastic use, we will only work with 'safe' plastics, ensuring that they are kept under their respective burning temperatures, in a well ventilated space, to deliver a safe experience for your class.

What equipment will you use to demonstrate plastic recycling?

As included in our equipment fee, our classroom demonstrations utilise engaging equipment - our Benchtop Extruder and Benchtop Shredder. These tools offer a hands-on experience for students, allowing them to witness the transformation of plastic waste into new materials.

• Visual learning - Students can see the recycling process firsthand, enhancing their understanding.
• Interactive engagement - Equipment demonstrations spark curiosity and promote active participation.
• Safety focus - Our equipment is specifically designed for safe classroom use under adult supervision.

Are risk assessments available for your equipment?

Safety is our top priority - all of our equipment has undergone rigorous safety checks and has accompanying risk assessments available. You can discuss risk assessments directly with your facilitator upon booking - they will be happy to answer any questions regarding safety procedures and provide relevant documentation.

Does every student get to make their own recycled object?

We strive to ensure everyone gets a chance to create their own unique 100% post-consumer recycled plastic object! While group size and allotted time can influence this, our facilitators are experts at maximising hands-on learning. This means they prioritise ensuring everyone, including teachers, actively participates in creating their own object by offering a variety of project options to cater to different interests and time constraints.

Feel free to discuss your specific needs and project preferences with our facilitators upon booking. They can discuss the specific objects feasible for your group size and desired workshop duration.

Who will facilitate the sessions?

Our workshops are led by our experienced and passionate facilitators who are dedicated to inspiring creativity and fostering a love for sustainability in young minds. Each facilitator brings their unique expertise and teaching style to the table, ensuring an engaging and enriching experience for all participants.

To learn more about our facilitators and their backgrounds, feel free to explore the bios on our dedicated Education page.

Do your facilitators have valid Working With Children Checks?

All facilitators have current Working With Children Checks. We can provide the relevant accreditation details upon booking as required by your school.

Does the incursion include downloadable or printable resources for use in the classroom?

Teacher resources can be provided with your incursion or excursion booking based on the area of learning. Chat with our educators at the time of booking to learn more, or click on the 'Resources' tab above to access our regularly downloaded assets.

Can the incursion be used as part of my teaching professional development hours?

It certainly can! PD Recognition & Learning certificates can be provided upon incursion completion.

Can we collect and use our own waste for the incursion?

Given the time limit of workshops and being conscious of student safety, we will provide our own 100% post-consumer plastic waste (all bottle caps, collected from our local community!) for use during the incursion.

To be conscious of plastic fume safety we use only HDPE or LDPE - 'safe' plastics - bottle caps, as we recognise that generally these objects are unable to be recycled by large scale commercial recyclers, but also because they can be easy to identify, collect and clean.

Shredding plastic can be slightly time consuming on the day, so our facilitators come armed with various colours for students to easily choose and use when they are making their own objects.

If you're interested in learning about recycling your own waste, Precious Plastic Melbourne can work with your school to identify waste streams, collection processes and usage opportunities. Ask our team to learn more about a larger collaboration today.

Will you recycle a variety of waste types during the incursion?

Given the time limit of workshops, fume safety and the time taken to purge machines of different plastic types, we choose to work with HDPE or LDPE within incursions.

Our facilitators can discuss how to incorporate learnings about various waste types within the content of the incursion, however don't incorporate these materials into the demonstrations.

If you're interested in learning about material recovery and testing, chat with our team about a larger collaboration to learn more.

Can my class come to Precious Plastic Melbourne for an excursion?

Dependent on the class size and grade level we can run a Factory Tour for your school's excursion.

Additional safety requirements over and above incursions will apply.

Head to our Factory Tour page for up to date details and pricing.