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Machine - STEM Workstation

Machine - STEM Workstation

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Benchtop Extruder

Made in Australia | Used worldwide

Unbox and create with this All-In-One Kit - your micro-recycling journey starts now! Inspire and empower environmentally-aware minds whilst investigating creative solutions to reducing waste and exploring the concept of the Circular Economy! Designed specifically for application within education, this innovative small-scale recycling kit will enhance STEM learning at your school through an experiential, hands-on and practical approach.

• Unleash creativity on the move - roll and recycle anywhere with this compact, mobile workstation
• Breathe easy and create boldly with built-in fume extraction for enhanced safety
• Streamline your workspace, organise and personalise with the pegboard and smart storage caddy

What you get:
• 1 x Benchtop Extruder (choose from the OG Handcrank or Pro-Series Motorised!)
• 1 x Benchtop Shredder
• 1 x Fume Extractor Caddy Unit
• 2 x product moulds (School Bag Tag, Chunky Carabiner, Pocket Comb, Tumbling Tower, Surf Wax Comb or Door Knob)
• FREE class set of Safety Goggles (30 pairs)
Valued at up to $14,661 / $19,396

Built to order. 


Please refer to individual product listings for specifications.


The Benchtop Extruder has the ability to produce filament and small products, such as USB sticks and carabiners, with the Motorised option also enabling you to produce slightly larger products.

The Benchtop Shredder is ideal for usage with plastic materials no larger than a bottle top. Dependant on the plastic used, you can except an hourly output of 1-2kg.

The Fume Extractor filters out VOC's, including harmful gases and minute impurities / contaminants.

Safety first!

The Benchtop Extruder was designed around the relevant series of safety standards, complying with AS/NZS 4024.1 Safety Of Machinery (this series covers everything from the general principles of safety or machinery to risk assessment guidance and methods, controls, guarding, ergonomics right through to anthropometric data) and AS/NZS 3820 Essential Requirements For Electrical Equipment. The product includes all appropriate power switches, guarding (such as protective covers over main heating areas) and warning labels.

The Modular Motor includes all appropriate power switches, emergency stop button, guarding and warning labels. Additional features include electromagnetic on/off switch, and programmable pressure sensors and digital indicators showing when the mould is full.

The Benchtop Shredder includes all appropriate safety elements, including emergency stop, momentary switch, blade guards, on/off switch, speed control, reverse blade functionality and warning labels.

Please note: These machines are fitted with safety features, however it's important to understand that these machines are dangerous, and proper safety measures must be implemented.

Why buy from us?

Australian made: We build high quality machines fit for purpose and compliant with Australian Safety Standards.

Knowledge and support: Our machines are built by people who use them! And, if you do happen to need additional assistance, we offer post-purchase support - a pretty important factor when you're investing in equipment.

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