FAQs: Precious Plastic Melbourne

Where are you located?

We're based in the leafy Eastern suburbs of Melbourne!

If you're looking to purchase a product or machinery, we ship Australia-wide and internationally. For locals, we offer a free pick-up option at checkout.

Can I drop by your workshop for a visit?

We're an active workshop environment, so to guarantee a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone, we require bookings for all visitors. This ensures you get the most out of your visit!

To book a factory tour, head here.

For personalised project consultations, check out our Consultations page.

Be sure to sign up to our newsletter to keep in the loop about upcoming events, or check out our latest projects and happenings on Facebook or Instagram.

How can I get involved?

There a number of ways you can get involved in the micro-recycling movement! We've added a few ideas below:

• Join your local Lids4Kids Facebook group, and collect discarded plastic lids (which are then sent on to micro-recyclers)

• Start a recycling workshop at your school / community group / small business (we offer a variety of machinery, accessories and plastic to help get you started)

• Or simply find and support your local micro-recycler by purchasing a product or even engaging with them on social media / sharing their initiatives with your friends and family!

You're a Verified Precious Plastic workspace - what does that mean?

In 2021, Precious Plastic announced their Verified program, giving recognition to the top tier PP spaces around the globe (which they refer to as the crème de la crème of the Precious Plastic community)!

Precious Plastic Melbourne was announced as one of the initial selection within the Verified program, and are the only Verified space in Australia.

We continue to work closely with Precious Plastic HQ, and support many spaces within the community.

What kinds of organisations do you work with?

Many kinds - from individual micro-recyclers, through to global brands! Check out our Impact Map for an overview of our clients, collaborations and partnerships.

How can I support your mission to reduce plastic waste?

Thank you for asking! We offer a few options for support here.

Alternatively, you can support us by purchasing a recycled plastic product, following us on social media, or sharing our initiatives with your networks!

I'm a recycler too, and would love some advice - can you help?

Sure thing! Here are some free links that you may find useful:
https://community.preciousplastic.com/academy/intro.html (everything from plastic identification to fumes & safety)
https://community.preciousplastic.com/how-to (instructional contributions from workspaces around the world)

For those looking to take community recycling to the next level we offer 1hr consultations tailored to your needs.

Can you run a workshop at my workplace?

Yes we can. We can assist with a variety of event types within corporate settings - head here for more details.