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Machine - Pro-Series Benchtop Extruder

Machine - Pro-Series Benchtop Extruder

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Made in Australia | Used worldwide


Revolutionise your plastic recycling and turn waste into creative possibilities with the Pro-Series Benchtop Extruder.

Choose from two exciting options to fit your needs:
1. The complete Pro-Series Benchtop Extruder package: This all-in-one solution includes everything you need for high-performance micro-recycling.
2. The Modular Motor upgrade kit: Already own a hand-cranked Benchtop Extruder? Transform it into a Pro-Series powerhouse with this easy-to-install modular upgrade!

No matter which option you choose, the Pro-Series Benchtop Extruder empowers you to take your recycling to the next level. Order yours today and unleash your creative potential!

• Supercharge your recycling! The 135rpm motor delivers a significant boost to your production process and lets you tackle larger projects - perfect for high-volume runs and intricate designs.
• Fine-tune speed and pressure with intuitive controls and real-time feedback for a smooth workflow, enhanced safety, and professional outcomes.

• Modular design allows you to transform and upgrade your original Benchtop Extruder into a high-performance Pro-Series machine, or switch back for a manual experience, ideal for learning and creative exploration.
• Maximise material capacity to handle any project thanks to the hopper extension.
• Safe, secure operation with Electromagnetic On/Off Switch and Emergency Stop Button.
• Durable machine stand engineered for stability and reliable operation.

What you get - Pro-Series Benchtop Extruder complete:
• 1 x Benchtop Extruder (supplied with Removable Handle and Pressure Sensor Nozzle)
• 1 x Modular Motor

What you get - Modular Motor only:
• 1 x Modular Motor
• 1 x Nozzle
• 1 x Pressure Sensor
• 1 x Hopper Extension
• 1 x Shaft*
• 1 x Handle*
• 1 x Double-Ended Power Cable
• 1 x Machine Stand
*Components supplied when converting from Benchtop Extruder to Pro-Series only.

Built to order. 


Machine Type: Motorised
Power Supply: Single Phase
Output Capability: Small-Medium (e.g. Mini Plant Pot, Yo-yo, Strand)  
Weight (KG): TBA
Dimensions (MM): TBAL x TBAW x TBAH
Motor Speed (RPM): 135
Gear Ratio: 1:10
Power (W): 180
Voltage (V): 240 AC
Amperage (A): 0.75
Cable: IEC Mount (Supplied To Suit Country Of Use)
Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM): Yes


This machine has the ability to produce small to medium products, such as the Mini Plant Pot, Yo-yo and Tumbling Tower blocks.

Safety first!

The Modular Motor includes all appropriate power switches, emergency stop button, guarding and warning labels. Additional features include electromagnetic on/off switch, and programmable pressure sensors and digital indicators showing when the mould is full.

Please note: This machine is fitted with safety features, however it's important to understand that these machines are dangerous, and proper safety measures must be implemented.

Why buy from us?

Australian made: We build high quality machines fit for purpose and compliant with Australian Safety Standards.

Knowledge and support: Our machines are built by people who use them! And, if you do happen to need additional assistance, we offer post-purchase support - a pretty important factor when you're investing in equipment.

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