FAQs: Products & Services

Can you manufacture recycled products for me?

Yes - we collaborate with a wide range of clients, and can assist with manufacturing, or even help you close the loop by developing an end-of-life solution for your waste stream.

Head to our Design & Materials page, or contact us here to get the ball rolling!

Note: While we offer these initial production capabilities, our ultimate goal is to equip you with the tools and knowledge to become a self-sufficient micro-recycling entrepreneur.

What services does Precious Plastic Melbourne offer?

We offer a complete solution for your sustainability journey, no matter the stage.

Craft unique products with us: We offer a comprehensive suite of services, from initial concept, to design, and production. While we offer these initial production capabilities, our ultimate goal is to equip you with the tools and knowledge to become a self-sufficient micro-recycling entrepreneur. Which leads us to...

Empower your journey: Own your process with our Zephyr Bros. machinery. Master your equipment with expert training and support, or launch smoothly with complete workspace facilitation and implementation.

Beyond these paths:
• Expert help - Consult with our specialists to unlock the full potential of your micro-recycling venture.
• Custom moulds - We can create custom moulds compatible with Zephyr Bros. equipment, and a variety of other micro-recycling machines.
• R&D - Unlock innovation and partner with us to explore new frontiers in recycled plastic.

Where can I see examples of other projects you've worked on?

Our client base varies widely, from innovative SME’s and green entrepreneurs, to schools, community groups, architectural firms, and even global brands!

You can check out some of our case studies here, or head over to Facebook or Instagram to see our latest projects.

Where does the product manufacturing take place?

We manufacture the recycled product in-house, at our workspace in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Do you sell any recycled products?

Yes, we do offer a selection of unique recycled products! However, our true passion lies in empowering YOU to become part of the solution. We do this by offering high-quality Zephyr Bros. machinery and comprehensive support, enabling you to create your own incredible recycled products right here in Australia and beyond!

Visit our Impact Map, Facebook or Instagram pages for inspiration from our local collaborators who are making a difference with their own Zephyr Bros. equipment.

Is the creation of recycled plastic products more cost-effective than working with virgin materials?

This is an important factor to consider when looking to produce 100% recycled products. It's certainly true that it would be a heck of a lot easier to buy, and work with virgin / new plastic. However, whilst processing recycled plastics into new products is absolutely much more time and resource intensive, the value here lies in the sustainable impact.

Additionally, ethical standards must be taken into consideration - we're committed to producing all of our products on-site, providing local employment and a living wage to our team.

The key takeaway: Mass producing items from virgin plastics is simply not comparable to the production of ethically and responsibly recycled items.

Can you produce food safe recycled products?

Creating 100% recycled food-grade plastic products that comply with food safety standards demands meticulous processes and rigorous testing. Food contact testing protects the health of consumers - and this is something we take very seriously at Precious Plastic Melbourne.

While we don't offer finished food-grade products, we do offer a food contact approved feedstock, which can be purchased here. Material Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is available on request.

Can you help with pre-shredded plastic?

We offer pre-shredded plastic for those that don't own a shredder or granulator.

We’ve seen our customers recycle our plastic into things like jewellery, furniture, plastic sheets, mallet heads… and the list goes on!

Alternatively, we can also shred your BYO plastic by the kilo for a fee.

Can you create UV resistant products?

Most plastic materials (including the recycled plastics we're able to work with) exhibit color change and loss of elongation when exposed to UV light.

Generally, we choose to avoid any virgin additives as to ensure our products are 100% recycled, however weathering resistance can be improved by adding UV stabilisers to protect the base polymer.