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Price guide: To assist you with funding and grant applications, we provide a pricing guide (below). Please note: Images and prices are to be used as a guide only, and do not include the cost of shipping.

Custom machines: Custom solutions are our specialty. In fact, we recommend custom machines for most projects! We are soon to release our own modified and upgraded lines of Precious Plastic machines, including an Injector, Extruder and Shredder.

Build your own: Precious Plastic are bringing recycling technologies and knowledge to the hands of everyone, all open-source, for free! Developing and sharing the machines and techniques to empower people to start recycling plastic is at the core of Precious Plastic's mission to create new value from a ubiquitous free resource, plastic waste - learn more here To purchase DIY machines parts, head here.

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  • Injection Mould Machine
  • Extrusion Machine
  • Compression Machine
  • Shredder
  • Shredder - V4 Pro
  • Granulator