Machines, Parts & Tools

We build and supply Precious Plastic machines, so that you can help reduce plastic waste in your own community. Or, keen to build your own? We can help with parts too! We also offer shredded plastic, and specialise in custom built machines.


Prototyping & Manufacturing

To help combat plastic waste, we manufacture products in our Melbourne workshop, using 100% locally sourced, reclaimed plastic. From concept, to design, to production, we can bring your product to life, and help you make a positive impact too.

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Mould & Tool Making

We can produce moulds for use with injection, extrusion or compression machines. Our tools are generally made from alloy, however we also offer small batch 3D printed resin tools to reduce costs whilst exploring the prototyping process.

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Donate to divert tonnes of plastic waste ending up in Australian landfills, waterways & oceans! We're turning plastic trash into new products.