Hello 👋 we are Precious Plastic Melbourne - Australia's verified PP workspace!

Transform waste, empower change: We believe waste doesn't need to be wasted. That's why we equip schools, communities, and individuals with innovative technology and engaging education to unlock this potential, and build a circular future.

Start in your classroom! Imagine students transforming what was once considered waste into building blocks or writing tools. Our accessible recycling machines and immersive, hands-on educational programs make it possible. Join 150+ schools and organisations already empowering the next generation of innovators and changemakers, one discarded item at a time.

Who we've worked with

  • Machines

    Made in Australia, used worldwide: Reduce plastic waste in your community with our Zephyr Bros. machinery range, which is produced right here in Melbourne in compliance with Australia's robust safety standards. We also offer all the tools and materials you need to get you started on your recycling journey.

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  • Education

    Empower young minds with STEM skills to solve real-world challenges! Through hands-on learning and innovative tech, our programs enable your students to transform waste into wonder, explore the Circular Economy, and spark sustainable action.

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  • Design & Materials

    Collaborate with our passionate team of experts, leveraging our R&D and sustainable manufacturing expertise. Innovate and co-create products crafted from 100% recycled plastic, or become a self-sufficient micro-recycling entrepreneur through our comprehensive machinery training.

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  • KeepCup

    Advocating for circularity within existing supply chain to reimagine waste stream potential.

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  • Ivanhoe Grammar School

    Program launch empowers student advocates to drive student-led innovations.

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  • Country Road

    Redefining the value of waste through the creation of a high-end homewares range.

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