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Machine - Granulator

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Commercial Granulator

Need a granulator that meets strict Australian safety standards? This is the machine for you!

Suited to schools, universities and community groups, this 3 phase, slow speed granulator features a staggered 180mm diameter rotor, as well as a 180mm width. The rotor is directly driven by a geared motor - the low rotor speed reduces the noise level of the machine, and creates less dust while grinding.

The special design knives of the GSL series can be sharpened easily, and don't require adjustment afterwards. Materials are fed via a sound absorbing feed hopper, which can be tailored to fit various applications and feeding ways. The quick-snap fasteners and hand screws allow fast and easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

Safety first!
T-Hopper creates a long reach to blades, and meets all Australian reach safety standards
• Controls are compliant with Australian safety standards
• Safety reset, emergency stop buttons and isolator
• Time delay and safety switches on components

• Direct driven staggered rotor
• Innovative knife design negates the need for adjustment
• Easy access for maintenance and cleaning
• Slow rotor speed creates less noise and dust
• Easily customisable to suit various applications 


Machine Type: Staggered Rotor
Output Capability (MM): 5 Or Less
Weight (KG): 140
Dimensions (MM): 865 x 770 x 660
Power (KW): 3

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