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Ever wanted to manufacture your own products, right here in Australia? Thanks to Precious Plastic, this is now possible, affordable and sustainable! 

We can machine your moulds for injection, extrusion or compression moulding. Tools are generally made from alloy however we can offer small batch 3D printed resin tools to reduce costs and explore prototypes.

We also have a library of tools to get you started. You won't find moulds for trinkets here - instead you'll find functional products that your customers, students or communities will find value in.

Please contact us for custom tools and prototyping.
9 products
  • Mould - Custom Tools
  • Mould - Tumbling Tower Block
  • Mould - Face Mask Ear Saver
  • Mould - Plastic Sheet
  • Mould - Surfboard Wax Comb
  • Mould - Detangling Comb
  • Mould - Shower Comb
  • Mould - Small Plant Pot
  • Mould - Surfboard Fin Set