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Book - Do-It-Yourself: Setting Up Your Precious Plastic Workspace

Book - Do-It-Yourself: Setting Up Your Precious Plastic Workspace

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Unleash your inner upcycler with this practical guide to setting up your own Precious Plastic workspace! This jam-packed 18 page booklet is your one-stop shop for turning trash into treasure, and is perfect for schools, community groups and young entrepreneurs!

Inside you'll find:
• Eye-opening stats, including the latest VIC recovery rates
• The global Precious Plastic movement 
• Different plastic types, breakdown timelines, and recyclability
• Collecting plastic, through to cleaning, sorting, and safety essentials
• Put theory into practice with a fun lid recyclability activity & a real-world school case study
• Decoding the linear vs circular economy 
• PLUS a downloadable collection flyer to streamline your waste collection!

Not your average textbook, this is a fun, informative, and empowering guide to kickstart your plastic-fighting journey - grab your copy today!

We’re passionate about continually exploring ways to reduce waste and promote a circular economy, whilst educating others to do the same, and so we want to make it easier for you to start up and run your own recycling workspace. When you purchase a product from Precious Plastic Melbourne, you're supporting us in our mission to promote community recycling in Australia!

© Precious Plastic Melbourne. All rights reserved. No portion of this book may be reproduced in any form without written permission from the publisher or author, except as permitted by Australian copyright law.

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Customer Reviews

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James Trahair
Start ups

We run two cash for can’s business s in WA WE HAVE Just started our side arm of Plastic Solutions WA as a part of the Precious Plastics revolution .

To have the book written by people who have done the hard yards is a Godsend. We currently have on hand approximately 3 IBCs of bottle tops that we’ve just started prossecing.