Packaging Reuse Program

Imagine a world where resources never become landfill. A world where materials circulate in a closed-loop system, where everything we consume is designed for continuous life cycles. At Precious Plastic Melbourne, that's the world we're working towards.

We're a social enterprise, not just a business. Everything we do is driven by a passion for positive change. We believe in empowering communities to rethink waste and embrace a more circular future.

Did you know Australians generate over 2 million tonnes of plastic packaging waste annually?* Our Packaging Reuse Program helps keep this plastic out of landfills.

Through our program, we focus on reuse. We encourage you to refuse, reduce, repurpose, and most importantly, reuse whenever possible. Through our Packaging Reuse Program we're making a difference within our own business practices

Packaging Reuse

Sending things through the mail often involves packaging that ends up in the bin. To minimise our impact, we repurpose used packaging materials whenever possible. By giving these materials a second chance, we divert them from landfill and contribute to a more circular economy.

Return To Reuse

Through our Return To Reuse program, we accept the return of eligible Precious Plastic Melbourne packaging items (such as zip lock bags for shredded plastic). Contact our friendly team via email to arrange a return.

[*Source: Department of the Environment and Energy, Australia]