Recycling & Reuse Programs

Imagine living in a world where resources are never abandoned to become waste - where materials are circulated in closed loop systems, where everything we consume is designed to flow in cycles of production and reproduction.

As a social start-up, everything we do is designed or actioned with purpose. Precious Plastic Melbourne strives to propel real, positive social change, and is committed to making an impact. So when it comes to waste, through our Recycling & Reuse programs we aim to increase awareness of the importance of rethinking, refusing, reducing, reusing and repurposing, helping consumers and local organisations to reduce their footprint on our precious planet.

Onsite Plastic Recycling

Plastics that can’t be properly recycled cause harm to our native wildlife, and wreak havoc on our oceans when they end up in our precious environment. We believe that the circular economy offers a truly sustainable alternative to our current ‘take, make and waste' linear model. We are working towards a waste-free, circular future, tackling plastic pollution by turning 'waste' items into useful goods.

Please note: Due to the sheer volume of plastic we have (gratefully!) already received, we are currently unable to accept plastic from the general public. Rather than spending all of our resources collecting and cleaning, for now we're channeling our energy and time into our special skills - processing and recycling all of that plastic waste.

Return To Reuse Program

Through our Return To Reuse program, we accept the return of eligible Precious Plastic Melbourne packaging items (such as zip lock bags for shredded plastic). To arrange the return of reusable packaging to our warehouse, please email our friendly team (info @ 

Packaging Reuse Program

We're supporting our local community to reduce waste by encouraging a circular economy. Packing materials are part and parcel of sending products via post or courier - to minimise the impact of this, we collect and reuse used packaging materials for shipping products to customers, diverting them from landfill.

Whilst using our own packaging for shipping (rather than buying new pre-paid plastic satchels, for example) is actually more expensive, we're committed to maintaining truly sustainable business practices, from top to bottom. 

You can donate pre-loved packaging materials to Precious Plastic Melbourne so that we can prolong the life of these items through re-use - please see our current collection status in the table below.

*Mixed materials must be sorted before drop-off, and please ensure you don't include rubbish or items that we don't collect, as we are unable to store or rehome them. Any old shipping labels must also be removed before drop-off.

Air Pockets
Bubble Wrap
Cardboard Boxes (Small/Shipping)
Cardboard Boxes (Large)
Envelopes (Paper)
Envelopes (Tough/Cardboard)
Packing Paper (Heavy-Duty Kraft, Butchers or Honeycomb / Hex Wrap)
Packing Peanuts (Biodegradable)

Packing Peanuts (Polystyrene)
Packing Tape (Paper/Masking)
Post Bags (Padded)

Post Satchels (Plastic)

Zip Lock Bags (Min A4 size, good condition)

Drop-Off / Post Details

Office hours vary - please email us (info @ to schedule a drop-off time.