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Mould - Carabiner Chunky

Mould - Carabiner Chunky

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Made in Australia

The Chunky Carabiner mould is a premium aluminium tool.

The carabiner itself is compact, curvaceous and lightweight - perfect for low-load usage, and a colourful companion for your backpack, car keys or reusable water bottle.


Finished Part Weight (G): 9
Mould Material: Aluminium
Process: CNC
Finish: Beadblasted
Fitting: 1/4" BSP
Fasteners: 1 x M8 x 50mm SHCS + Nut/Washers
Suited For Use With: LDPE, HDPE & PP
Machine Compatibility: Zephyr Bros. Benchtop Extruder

Ease-of-use rating

Ease-Of-Use rating: ●●●●○ (4/5)

●●●●● Easy to use, demould & produce parts consistently.
●●●●○ Generally easy to use & produce fairly consistent parts.
●●●○○ Requires some initial learning & practice to produce consistent parts.
●●○○○ Extra learning & some human power required, consistent part making can be challenging initially.
●○○○○ Extra learning & human power required, with consistent part making a learned skill!

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Customer Reviews

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Bek Armishaw
We're hooked!

Our school has purchased the tabletop shredder and extruder to use with students in yr1-6 in our science lab. Students have enjoyed making carabiners over the past year and half, and are now anxiously waiting for our mini pot and tumbling tower block to arrive. PPM are quick at replying to queries and helped us find the right ratio of blue, red and white flakes to make purple. You will see students from our schools using their carabiners on their hats, bags, water bottles and gifting them to teachers and family members. I used one of our gold carabiners to secure my bucket while attending Bush Blitz in Esperance. Thanks PPM for including our Bin Chicken Recyclers logo into our mould.