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Zephyr Bros.

Mould - Surf Wax Comb Multi

Mould - Surf Wax Comb Multi

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Made in Australia

Designed for use with HDPE, our Surfboard Wax Comb mould is a premium, beadblasted aluminium tool, which allows you to create two products simultaneously.

The Surf Wax Comb itself is a palm-sized, ergonomic design. The medium-toothed comb has a soft edge for hand comfort, and a straight, tapered edge for scraping deck and rails.


Finished Part Weight (G): 15
Mould Material: Aluminium
Process: CNC
Finish: Beadblasted
Fitting: Conical Shaped Injection Point
Fasteners: 4 x M8 x 55mm SHCS + Nuts/Washers
Suited For Use With: HDPE
Machine Compatibility: Zephyr Bros. Pro-Series Injector

Ease-of-use rating

Ease-Of-Use rating: ●●●●○ (4/5)

●●●●● Easy to use, demould & produce parts consistently.
●●●●○ Generally easy to use & produce fairly consistent parts.
●●●○○ Requires some initial learning & practice to produce consistent parts.
●●○○○ Extra learning & some human power required, consistent part making can be challenging initially.
●○○○○ Extra learning & human power required, with consistent part making a learned skill!

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