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Digital - Zephyr Block Mould (DOWNLOAD)

Digital - Zephyr Block Mould (DOWNLOAD)

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DIY product mould

Designed by our team here in Melbourne, with this design you'll be able to produce your own innovative interlocking Zephyr Blocks! Build to your heart's content through the creation of a wide variety of structures - think office partitions, furniture, garden beds and more - whilst diverting large volumes of plastic from landfill.

With our Production Guide how-to, we'll also expand on the production method for z-shaped bricks using a Zephyr Bros. Pro Series Extruder or Precious Plastic V4 Extruder.

What you get - Mould Template Files:
• Engraving parts identification file
• Mould Assembly Guide
• Mould Cut file (.DXF)
• Mould Core file (.STP)

What you get - Production Guide:
• Comprehensive Production Guide

Looking for our pre-made Zephyr Block Mould? Head here

Why buy from us? We want to make it easier for you to start up and run your own recycling workspace. When you purchase a product from Precious Plastic Melbourne, you're supporting us in our mission to promote community recycling across Australia, and beyond!

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