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Precious Plastic Melbourne

Recycled Art - Ocean Series 'Storm At Sea'

Recycled Art - Ocean Series 'Storm At Sea'

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'Storm At Sea'

From our resident artist, Kayla Mossuto, comes the limited edition Ocean Series. Each sustainable art piece is crafted by hand, and constructed entirely from 100% post-consumer reclaimed plastic.

Dimensions - 415 x 295 x 10mm
Weight - 1.09kg
Medium - Recycled LDPE shapes, recycled HDPE dowel
Material Origin - 376 bottle caps (approx), Melbourne region
Original - One-of-a-kind
Mounting hardware - Keyhole bracket for hanging
Identification - Stamped on back


Precious Plastic Melbourne is family-owned social enterprise working towards a solution to plastic pollution. We empower and assist businesses, community groups and schools to move from our resource-draining ‘take, make, waste’ linear system, to a progressive circular economy.

The funds generated from our art sales help to support our mission to promote accessible community recycling throughout Australia. Your support helps us to:
• Facilitate the set up of micro-recycling workspaces
• Increase our plastic processing capabilities
• Continue innovating in the circular economy space
• And, work to keep plastic waste out of landfill

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