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Recycled Sheet - Small

Recycled Sheet - Small

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100% Remade In Australia

To help divert waste from landfill, these colourful solid plastic sheets are handcrafted from 100% Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastic. Created using locally sourced, reclaimed plastic bottle tops, each bespoke board is unique in colour and design, weighing in at around 1.52kg. Our sheets can essentially be treated like (and worked with) in a similar way to what you would with timber. 

• Made from approx 507 plastic bottle caps
• Australian made, handcrafted in Melbourne
• No added virgin materials or binding agents

• Package-free product

Note: Our sheets tend to be in high demand, and often sell out not long after they’ve dropped! We can also do custom runs of recycled sheets in bulk amounts, or where a particular colour scheme is required. Please contact us to enquire.


Sheet Size (MM): 400 x 400*
Sheet Thickness (MM): 10*
Original Material: Bottle Caps
Material Source: Victoria, Australia
Not Suitable For: Long-Term Outdoor Use, Direct Contact With Food**

*Please allow a size tolerance of 3%.
**Our pre-made sheets are recycled using food grade bottle tops, however unless undertaking food contact testing, we recommend for non-food contact usage only.

Packaging & shipping

Shipping / Pick-Up: Large pieces are available for Pick-Up Only. Please email our team if you require a custom shipping quote.

Product Packaging: This is a 'nude' (unpackaged) product.

Shipping Materials: We ship using recyclable and/or pre-loved materials. For more info, head to our Packaging Reuse Program page

Product quality details

• Handcrafted recycled plastic: Some surface imperfections may be present, colours / patterning will vary, and some sheets may not be perfectly flat.
• In the case of light marks / scuffs, these can often be buffed out.
• One side will generally have some minor bubbles in the texture. Sheet edges are raw / unfinished.
• Occasionally we'll also make items with more notable imperfections available at discounted prices - images may be indicative, or please refer to any notes on product images. NOTE: Samples and seconds are non-refundable or exchangeable. Please review the product information / image carefully before purchasing.
• We are happy to provide additional product images or details, however if this is the case you must contact us before placing your order.

Optional extras

Need a hand with something extra? No worries! We offer optional services on this product. Please follow the link below to add the required optional extra to your cart.

Edge Finishing

Usage ideas

Our recycled sheets can be used for various applications, such as the construction of furniture, splashbacks (non fire-risk area), chairs, crates, or cut down into ‘tiles’ - the possibilities really are endless! The sheets can essentially be treated like (and worked with) in a similar way to wood.

Check out some of the ways we've used our recycled sheets:

Converse store fit-out
Hanging wall sculptures

Why buy from us?

By purchasing this product, you’re supporting our mission to promote accessible community recycling throughout Australia. Engineering, building machines, designing products, implementing recycling systems and running a social enterprise takes resources. Your support helps us to:
• Set up recycling spaces for micro-recyclers and schools
• Increase our plastic processing capabilities
• Continue innovating, and
• Work to keep plastic waste out of landfill

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