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Plastic Pellets - White

Plastic Pellets - White

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LLDPE film scrap pellets

Note: Not suitable for injection moulding or extrusion.

Offering a renewed life cycle for materials that would otherwise go to waste, these recycled LLDPE pellets are produced from film scraps, predominantly sourced from soft, flexible plastic wrap. Ideal for compression applications, these film scrap pellets align with both industrial standards and environmental stewardship.


Colour: White
Original Material: Film Scraps
Pellet Size: 5mm Or Less
Pellet Suitable For: Compression (Note - Flowability will behave significantly differently to bottle caps, as this product has a MFI of 0.7-1.3)

Note: SDS available on request for our project partners.

Material information

LLDPE (Linear Low-Density Polyethylene) shares some characteristics with both HDPE and LDPE but offers unique properties. Often the preferred choice for applications such as packaging films and liners, LLDPE has a linear polymer structure with short branches, combining the flexibility of LDPE with the strength of HDPE. This results in improved puncture resistance and tensile strength.


Pellets are shipped in resealable zip lock bags. We try to utilise pre-loved bags wherever possible, and encourage you to return your bag (or even find a way to reuse it yourself!) once you've recycled all of your plastic.

Why buy from us?

We want to make it easier for you to start up and run your own recycling workspace. When you purchase a product from Precious Plastic Melbourne, you're supporting us in our mission to promote community recycling in Australia!

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