With a strong commitment to a more sustainable future and a dedication to responsible fashion, Sans Beast aimed to elevate their ethical fashion stance by incorporating recycled materials into their latest collection of handbags.

They set stringent initial criteria for their project, focusing on forming partnerships with responsible local manufacturers who prioritise locally-sourced and repurposed materials. In their quest to find sustainable and ethical Australian manufacturers that shared their values, Sans Beast found an ideal partner in Precious Plastic Melbourne. Their shared dedication to circularity principles, transparency, and authenticity laid the foundation for a dynamic collaboration in creating Sans Beast's innovative new handbag range.


To craft a distinctive detail for a limited edition bag, Sans Beast embarked on their product development journey with a visit to the innovative recycling workspace of Precious Plastic Melbourne. In this creative environment, they were introduced to our high-quality recycled plastic sheeting, sparking the initial concept for their vintage-style flat-handled bag.

To ensure a thorough assessment of product viability, Sans Beast's suppliers were provided with 5mm and 10mm samples of both HDPE and LDPE plastics for consultation and evaluation. With material approval, colour exploration began, primarily centered around a palette derived from post-consumer plastic bottle tops, featuring shades of black, orange, silver, and white.

Upon receiving colour approval, a small run of 5 handles were crafted for conclusive testing and final manufacturer approval. With the green light to proceed on production, a singular large recycled plastic sheet was produced, from which 55 handles were shaped using CNC machinery, complete with hand-routed softened edges.

The result - a signature handle for the limited edition Petite Cosmos bag. This bespoke handle, skillfully crafted by Precious Plastic Melbourne using post-consumer recycled plastic bottle tops, epitomises the essence of sustainability and craftsmanship. The Petite Cosmos bag itself is a testament to responsible fashion, meticulously constructed from certified recycled fabric, encapsulating the essence of Sans Beast's commitment to ethical and sustainable fashion practices.

  • Project deliverables

    A 10mm thick sheet was produced, which we used to create:
    • 55 x Handles

    Sheet offcuts were shredded, and returned to the material cycle in the production of more sheeting and other recycled items.

  • Project impact

    • 1705g post-consumer plastic recycled
    • 568 discarded lids diverted from landfill
    • 5.45kg CO2 emissions savings

    Importantly, not only was this waste diverted from landfill, it also prevented the need for use of virgin (new) materials.

  • Lessons and success

    We gained vital insights into supply chain dynamics, working within tight timelines and dispatch scheduling. Integrating recycled plastic handles into Sans Beast's prestigious brand set an industry benchmark, showcasing how successful partnerships and ethical commitment harmonise innovation and responsibility.

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"Such a pleasure collaborating with the innovative team at PPM. Transforming + elevating ‘trash’ into treasure is essential for the future of fashion.”
Cathryn Wills
Founder of Sans Beast

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