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Zephyr Bros.

Machine - Pro-Series Injector

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Made in Australia

Our Pro-Series Injection Machine has a quick production output with high precision - you’ll be amazed at what you can create!

• Height adjustable spring-loaded barrel
• Rack and pinion system, allowing for higher pressure
• Gears convert rotation into linear motion
• The ability to bolt to the ground for stability
• Easy to mount electrical box (can be relocated if required)
• 150g max shot weight

Shredded plastic enters the hopper, is heated, and then pressed through a long barrel into your mould.

The output colour is often unpredictable when mixing colours in the barrel, allowing for beautiful (and surprising) patterns that can add to your bespoke products.

Made to order, current lead time - approx. 6+ weeks


Machine Type: Manual
Product Capability: Medium (e.g. Phone Case)
Weight (KG): 20
Dimensions (MM): 1200 x 800 x 500
Power (W): 1265
Voltage (V): 240 AC
Amperage (A): 6
Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM): Yes

Why buy from us?

Australian made: We build high quality machines to the latest Precious Plastic specifications and improvements. We also offer bespoke custom builds, to your own requirements.

Knowledge and support: Our machines are built by people who use them! And, if something does happen to go wrong, we're reachable - a pretty important factor when you're investing in equipment.

Please note: Machines are built to order. Whilst we have updated our machines with additional safety features, it's important to note that these machines are dangerous, and proper safety measures must be implemented.

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