Sustainability workbook for kids: Learn about recycling, composting, growing veggies & more!

My Planet Workbook printable for kids

My Planet Workbook is a fun, educational printable workbook for future eco-warriors!

Educational sustainability workbook for kids

This lovely sustainability-focused 19 page downloadable workbook is filled with unique activities to encourage environmentally-aware minds. Activities are designed to suit a wide range of ages, from pre-school to primary school, with plenty of conversation and colouring opportunities, along with some more structured activities for bigger kids.

Educational sustainability printable for children

The printable includes colouring, drawing, activities, filling in blanks and more. These include:
• 'Trash' Cover Design
• About Me
• Power Down For The Planet
• Nature Nurtures
• Biodiversity
• Bees Are Friends
• Get Growing
• Clever Compost
• Recycle Right
• Closing The Loop
• Zero Waste Pyramid
• Nature Bingo
And more!

Fun sustainability workbook for kids

And the best part? By purchasing My Planet Workbook, you’re supporting our mission to promote accessible community recycling throughout Australia. Engineering, building machines, designing products, implementing recycling systems and running a social enterprise takes resources. Your support helps us to:
• Set up recycling spaces for micro-recyclers and schools
• Increase our plastic processing capabilities
• Continue innovating, and
• Work to keep plastic waste out of landfill

My Planet Workbook makes for a wonderful homeschool activity, and is sure to inspire little waste-warriors! 

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