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Precious Plastic Melbourne

Shredded Plastic - Yellow/White

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Get shredded!

This particular grind of plastic is a mix of HDPE (Yellow) and LDPE (White). 
Destined for landfill, this plastic will live another life as a new product. Our plastic (originally bottle caps) is collected, cleaned, sorted, and then processed for recycling. All of our shredded plastic is completely 'pure', containing no added binders or virgin materials.

Please note:
As our shredded plastic is produced using reclaimed materials only, colours may vary slightly from pictured, contain a mix of similar hues, or the odd fleck from a different colour.


Type: MDPE
Colour: Yellow & White
Original Material: Bottle Caps (Juice)
Flake Size: 5mm Or Less
Flake Size Suitable For: Extrusion

MDPE: Has good shock and drop resistance properties. It's also less notch sensitive, and has better stress cracking resistance than HDPE. 

This product is best suited to the extruder.

Material information

LDPE: A softer, more flexible plastic with a melting point of 115°C. In comparison to HDPE, LDPE may be more transparent, and is more likely to crack under stress.

HDPE: Rigid and durable, offering greater chemical resistance. HDPE has a melting point of 135°C, allowing it to withstand higher temperatures than LDPE. HDPE has a greater strength and opacity due to its crystalline structure. 


Shredded plastic is shipped in resealable zip lock bags. We try to utilise pre-loved bags wherever possible, and encourage you to return your bag (or even find a way to reuse it yourself!) once you've recycled all of your shredded plastic.

Why buy from us?

We want to make it easier for you to start up and run your own recycling workspace. When you purchase a product from Precious Plastic Melbourne, you're supporting us in our mission to promote community recycling in Australia!