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Precious Plastic Melbourne

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Learn about sustainability, recycling, the circular economy, and how we can make a positive impact through creative solutions for plastic waste!

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Let us inspire your students with an engaging, interactive virtual excursion! Facilitated by the very passionate and highly knowledgeable Adz of Zero Plastics Australia, we'll help to encourage environmentally-aware minds, whilst investigating ways to reduce waste and exploring the concept of the circular economy.

Unique, memorable and fun, during the program students will learn about topics such as:
• The Precious Plastic movement
• The different types of plastic
• How and why we recycle plastic
• The lifecycle of a plastic product, and
• The importance of the circular economy

Every session includes a live demonstration, allowing time at the end for our favourite part - Q&A! And after your session, we'll send you a downloadable Resource Pack, along with a digital copy of My Planet Workbook.

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More details coming soon!

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  • STEM Education: Sustainability & the Circular Economy


    An introduction to the concept of the Circular Economy, and ways we can reduce our environmental impact.

  • STEM Education: Plastic (polymer) types


    How it’s made, the different types, why we use it, and how we can think of 'waste' as a useful resource.

  • STEM Education: Recycling plastics


    Which plastics we can recycle, how we recycle it, and the various ways we can implement small-scale recycling.