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Parts - PID Controller

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PID Temperature Controller

This PID Temperature Controller can be used when building a Precious Plastic:
• Injection Machine
• Extrusion Machine, or
• Compression Machine

By using readings from the thermocouple and the SSR, the Controller sends power to the heaters until PV (point variable) matches the SV (set value). 


Model Number: REX-C100
External Dimensions (MM): 48 x 48 x 100
Perforation Dimensions (MM): 45 x 45
Accuracy: ±0.5% Of Full Scale
Supply Voltage (V): 100-240Vac, 50/60 Hz
Input Types: K, J, R, S, B, E, N or T Thermocouples
RTD: Pt100, Cu50
Voltage (V): 0-5, 1-5
Current (mA): 0-20, 4-20
Output Types: Electromagnetic Relay, SSR, Current, SCR
Power Consumption (VA): Less Than 5
Control Method: PID Control (With Auto-Tuning) Or Self-Tuning, Or ON/OFF
Setting Method: Touch Switch
Indication Method: 8-Segment 4-Digital Display & LED Indication
Sampling Period (S): 0.5
Operating Temperature (℃): 0 To 50
Operating Humidity: 30-85% RH Max, Non-Condensing

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Shipping Materials: We ship using recyclable and/or pre-loved materials. For more info, head to our Packaging Reuse Program page here.

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