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Precious Plastic Melbourne

Service - Consultations

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As Australia's verified Precious Plastic workspace, we work with micro-recyclers, businesses and organisations, and are available to meet with you and your team to help you out - no matter what stage you're at on your journey.

*NOTE: Recycling plastic is pretty complex stuff! Before booking a time, please fill out the form below so we can confirm project viability. Once you've placed your meeting/consultation order, we'll get in touch to schedule a time with you.

Why do we charge?

Project meeting information

Our Project Meetings are suitable for anyone considering developing a recycled plastic product.

During this initial meeting, we'll discuss ideas and proposals for your project, along with helping you to understand capabilities or how we might navigate any limitations.

Payments made for meetings are credited toward the overall job, however are non-refundable if either the meeting or project does not go ahead.

Consultation session information

Suitable for small businesses or individuals, our Consultation option is ideal for:
• Those wanting to get started on their micro-recycling journey
• Those looking to develop an understanding of what their workspace would require, for the purpose of applying for funding / grants
• Organisations who have received grants and are ready to set-up their workspace
• Those looking to incorporate micro-recycling at their workplace
• Or those looking to further develop their knowledge of the micro-recycling industry, processes etc.

Benefit from our expertise, or ask your most burning questions - we can also assist with everything from ideation through to grant applications, provide letters of support, assistance mapping out grant milestones, or written quotes.

Corporate session information

Our Corporate Sessions are fully customisable, tailored to the needs of you and your team. These sessions are costed on a case-by-case basis - a quote will provided.

Please fill out the form below, and we'll be in touch to discuss finer details, options and pricing.

Meeting Contact Form

  • Precious Plastic Melbourne ideation & concept development

    Ideation & Concept Development

    Design sits prominently at the heart of the circular economy - together, we can raise the bar in designing for circularity.

    Whether you have an unavoidable plastic waste-stream that requires a sustainable, responsible solution, or an idea for a recycled product, we can assist with brainstorming and concept development.

    Our team can also help you to understand capabilities, or how we might navigate any limitations.

  • Precious Plastic Melbourne assistance with grants & funding

    Grants & Funding

    Applying for grants can be an overwhelming process at times.

    When looking to secure funding for your recycling project (be it a workspace, or product development) we can assist with your application from scope, through to letters of support, written quotes, guidance when mapping out milestones, or general assistance with your proposal.

    We can also assist with facilitation and implementation upon successfully securing a grant.

  • Precious Plastic Melbourne mentorship & consultation sessions

    Knowledge Development

    From one-on-one mentorship through to employee workshops, we can tailor sessions to your needs and experience.
    Previously run sessions include:
    • Team learning around the circular economy and how it can be implemented
    • Community groups looking to get started on their recycling journey
    • Micro-recyclers looking to enhance knowledge and capabilities
    • Businesses looking to incorporate micro-recycling at their workplace
    • Individuals looking to develop their knowledge of the micro-recycling movement