• Precious Plastic Melbourne supported by the City Of Melbourne | Grants and funding

    As part of their Waste Minimisation and Innovation Fund (Social Enterprise impact grants - circular economy stream), The City Of Melbourne are supporting us to undertake a project where we'll be turning film canister waste into recycled sunglasses.

  • Precious Plastic Melbourne supported by Whitehorse City Council | Grants and funding

    Whitehorse City Council supported us to undertake a recycled 3D printer filament research and development project, and in the development of a large-scale combined heat press and compression mould machine.

  • Lids4Kids Australia working in collaboration with recycler Precious Plastic Melbourne

    We operate in collaboration with Lids4Kids, who support our missing by providing post-consumer plastic for recycling.

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Community Supporters

We are a community hub where like-minded people are working towards a solution to plastic pollution and better outcomes for traditionally non-recyclable materials, so we are beyond grateful to those who share our story and contribute to our mission!

A special thank you to Jane Dunstan for becoming our first Super Supporter, and Megan Thompson and Satya Sinha for becoming our first Awesome Allies through our StartSomeGood campaign!

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