Verified Precious Plastic Workspace

The Precious Plastic Verified program gives recognition to the top tier PP spaces around the globe.

In 2021, Precious Plastic Melbourne was announced as one of the initial selection within the Verified program, and are the only Verified space in Australia.

We continue to work closely with Precious Plastic HQ, and support many spaces within the community.

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Australian Made Certification

We are proudly Australian owned, and carry Australian Made certification on our range of Zephyr Bros recycling machinery - all of which are made by our team, right here, in Melbourne.

As a true mark of authenticity, the logo is Australia’s most trusted, recognised and widely used country of origin symbol and is underpinned by a third-party accreditation system, which ensures products that carry the logo are certified as ‘genuine Australian.’

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Part of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation community

We're part of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation community platform, which is exclusively for employees of organisations within the Ellen MacArthur Foundation Network. The Network brings together businesses, policymakers, innovators, universities, cities, philanthropic organisations and thought leaders to build and scale a circular economy.

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Sedex Member

As a Sedex member we are committed to being a responsible and sustainable business, sourcing responsibly, and improving ethical standards and working conditions within the supply chain.

Using Sedex tools and services helps our social enterprise map and improve our responsible business practices.

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Certified ASPIRE Member

Being a certified ASPIRE Member means we are a part of the community for accelerating the transition into the Circular Economy. Not only does the ASPIRE platform allow us to expand on our mission to use waste as a resource, reusing or trading a resources also allows us avoid all the extra carbon emissions that are released while producing brand-new materials.

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Business Coalition for a Global Plastics Treaty endorser

The Business Coalition for a Global Plastics Treaty brings together businesses and financial institutions committed to supporting the development of an ambitious, effective and legally binding UN treaty to end plastic pollution.

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Official SecondBite Ambassador

We're incredibly passionate about reducing our food waste, so we're proud to be an official SecondBite Ambassador, supporting the incredible work that they do and raising awareness by participating in the 21 day No Food Waste Challenge.

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