Welcome to Precious Plastic Melbourne

For the past six years, Precious Plastic has been working on a bottom-up approach to bring recycling technologies and knowledge to the hands of everyone, all open-source and for free.

Developing and sharing the machines and techniques to empower people around the world to start recycling plastic is at the core of the Precious Plastic mission, creating a new financial value from a ubiquitous free resource - plastic waste. You can learn more here: www.preciousplastic.com

At Precious Plastic Melbourne, we work with individuals and organisations to set up Precious Plastic workshops and tools, helping Aussies communities to reduce waste. We build and supply machines to Australian Safety Standards, and offer manufacturing, making new products from recycled plastic.

Here you'll find Australian made machines, tools and products, along with products to help you build your own Precious Plastic workspace.

One thing we've learnt is that building a machine, let alone a workspace from scratch is hard. We're here to help you by providing all of the tools under the one roof. From components to hand tools, we've put it all together to reduce hours spent trolling the internet and reducing the investment risk.

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